Awards are a big part of any brand PR programme. Saibr PR offers an AWARDS programme. We indentify awards for our clients to help them enhance their brand; we check their viability in terms of what the award offers and the likelihood of them winning versus the cost (time and money). We have entered lots of clients over the years and they have enjoyed the benefits of winning!

There is a lot to be gained from entering awards for small businesses and in our experience there is always something to gain from entering an award. So what are the benefits?

It’s your chance to tell your industry just how great you are!

Awards are influential, it’s fantastic publicity, the award is telling everyone just how brilliant you are. Many awards will give you publicity and a stamp of approval even if you are a finalist and don’t win, something to consider when looking at the small print.

Having a trophy in your cabinet, a logo on your collateral reassures your customers and your industry of your quality and credibility. It’s a seal of approval.

Awards give your brand fantastic PR, so cash in on the ‘free’ marketing. Facebook it, Tweet it, hashtag it, make sure you shout about it. Use the award and the ‘chatter’ around it as content for your brand, make the most of it and remember you have to be in it to win it but even if you don’t you can still capitalise on it.

Our pick of the awards that suit kids and family PR brands:

Junior Design Awards, Smallish Magazine Awards, Little London Awards, MadeforMums Awards, Absolutely Mama Awards, Mother & Baby, Loved By Parents, iKids Awards, KAPI Awards

And the winner is….

Award winning PR agency London

An excuse to show an eye catching actor with an award!