Even though more and more mums are becoming health conscious with their kids you’d be hard pushed to find children who hadn’t sampled the delights of Cadbury’s Diary buttons. Whether they are used in bribery, in abundance on birthday cakes, in party bags or as a tiddly wink counter a childhood isn’t complete without a choccy button.

Talking of choccy buttons the chocolate giant, Cadbury has just announced it will be changing its ‘Free the Joy’ slogan (anyone remember its ‘glass and a half’ slogan) to the catchphrase ‘Tastes like this Feels’. The first ad will feature real footage of a bear rubbing his back up against a tree to the song ‘That’s the Way I Like It’. Check it out on You Tube – watching a bear scratching an itch is classic…a bit like a bar of dairy milk….or should that be choccy buttons?