”The Coronavirus pandemic
and subsequent lockdown
is an unprecedented situation
in modern times. It is hard to
gauge the full impact that the situation in having on children
and young people’s mental
health and wellbeing”.

Mental Health Organisation 
June 202

Autumn is Coming and There are Still So Many Questions Unanswered

  • There is so much anxiety facing families, young children, parents – everyone.
  • Autumn brings transitions (from home to school, nurseries, work and universities) with disrupted attachments from the cocoon of parents, grandparents and carers
  • We are facing new working patterns; some parents are staying at home and some are going back to work tentatively
  • Will school part time or full time? Transition days have gone and parents aren’t allowed in nurseries to transition their children. Will school close again?
  • Parents facing redundancy and limited resources.
  • Some families have spent much needed time together and don’t want to leave the cocoon
  • There is still uncertainty and anxiety
    – a second wave?

There is a chance for brands and services to help alleviate some of the anxieties and stresses in our daily lives and make a real difference to us day-to-day. Saibr PR is already working with parenting and education influencers and experts such as Dr. Kathy Weston, the leading evidence based parenting and education expert who is helping parents and children to build resilience through these anxious times. Other brands, products, services and experts who are set to make a real difference include:

  • Mindfulness apps for children, to help them overcome back to school anxiety such as Headspace
  • Online tutoring who can help supplement learning that has been eclipsed by COVID such as Atom Learning and other Zoom tutoring services
  • Educational magazines and books for parents keen to supplement their children’s education
  • Bikes, they are sold-out all over London and families are keen to keep outdoors and keep healthy
  • Plants and gardens. Estate agents are telling us there is an exodus from towns to more rural locations. People who don’t have gardens want to move. People without gardens during COVID are moving to homes with outdoor spaces if they can, those that can’t will be buying lots of plants!
  • Therapists, couples counsellors, education experts, career coaches to help guide us during these anxious times!
Wishing everyone good-luck for new beginnings. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how we can help you tell your story please email hello@saibrpr.com



Thanks to Scott Webb and Ben Mullins at Unsplash for the images